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The Entertainer better known as “CASINO” is a Male Exotic Entertainer who currently resides in Durham, NC. CASINO relocated to North Carolina and established CASINO PROMOTIONS, legitimizing his business in preparation for taking the industry on in full force. Four Years ago, CASINO was introduced into the industry by a popular Male Exotic Entertainer known as Temptation. Since then, CASINO has accomplished the goal of traveling to perform around the globe to satisfy the entertainment needs of ladies only. In four successful years, CASINO traveled to locations within the East Coast, West Coast and beyond, with the intent of continuously expanding his travels.

With the ambition and confidence CASINO exudes, he has definitely won the hearts of the ladies and the respect of his fellow colleagues. By winning the title of “Dance Group of the Year”, CASINO has proven his level of achievement and excellence within his chosen profession. CASINO considers his self a humble individual, and continues to strive to achieve higher grounds in life. His motto is, “You don’t have to have physical sight to have vision, but you must trust in the vision within yourself to have sight.”

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